Top 10 Ideas For a Mom’s Night Out

Every mom needs a night out once in while! Here are some great ideas for your next moms night out. Love numbers 3 and 9!
Let’s face it, we all need a night out from time to time. Every mom needs a night where she doesn’t have to utter the phrase “Is that poop or chocolate?” So here are some ideas to help get you out with your friends for some mom time.


1. Movies– It’s a little cliché and everybody does it, but escaping reality for 2 hours is just what every mom needs from time to time. If it happens to have Channing Tatum shirtless, well then it’s an added bonus.


2. Dinner – not really a movie person? Dinner with the girls is just as good. My favorite place is the melting pot, they often have ladies nights out for a very good price. To be honest, I would be happy just sitting in a burger king parking lot if it meant I got to eat my food while it was still hot.


3. Comedy Club – This is a great release for mommy stress, laughter really is the best medicine. You can usually score great deals on last minute shows, sometimes even free! The club owners don’t usually want empty seats so they will offer deep discounts the day before a show.


4. Canvas Painting – This one is fun if you go to the right place. The first time I did this I had a blast, the studio was great the instructor was great and we had a fabulous night out. The second time I went to a different studio and it was the worst 2 hours of my life, I really wanted to stick a paintbrush in my eye just to escape. Call around and read reviews before you choose a painting studio to go to.


5. Bowling- Seriously one of the best nights out! A few glasses of wine and super ugly shoes? That has awesome written all over it! Never underestimate the fun you can have bowling 🙂


6. Dessert and Wine Night- This is one you can do in someones house for a low cost moms night in. Everybody brings a dessert or bottle of wine and you just get to relax and have fun without spending a bunch of money.


7. Game Night – Another great suggestion for a mom’s night in. Everybody brings a game and let the good times role. My favorites are Apples to Apples, Quelf, Cranium and Pictionary. Pictionary with a group of “desperate for a night out” moms is HILARIOUS!


8. Do Some Charity Work Together – This is one that I haven’t done, mostly because I really want my older kids to help with any charity work that I do, but a mom I know loves to spend a Sunday a month with her best friends volunteering somewhere. You get the benefit of time with your friends while helping people. It’s really a win/win


9. Go dancing – This is my personal favorite! I would love to go dancing every weekend if I could, but I can usually only convince the girls to go a couple times a year. I’m not talking about the clubbing you did when you were younger. We avoid the “clubs” and try to shoot for a bar that has dancing, usually the country bars are great for this, the crowd is more my speed and they play a mix of music on the weekends.


10. Martinis and Manicures- This is more a late afternoon out, but I’m including it anyway. It’s still time away from home with your besties. There are several spas here that have this once a week or once a month. A quick internet search will find spas near you that offer a service like this.That is my list, but I would love to hear from you 🙂 What is your favorite thing to do when you get a night out?


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    Love your ideas, it’s been far too long since I’ve had any type of night out.. never mind one for moms! I would do any of these things and be ecstatic! Great list!

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