Little Passports Review- Travel the World in Your Pajamas

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Anybody who knows my kids, knows that we live in our pajamas. My kids wake up in the morning and change into, you guessed it,  pajamas! Sometimes it’s tutus and tiaras with the pajamas, but you can bet that if we aren’t going anywhere, jammies will be on all day. You can imagine how excited they were to be able to travel the world in their pajamas!!

When the box from Little Passports arrived, my kids tore into it, super excited to find out what country they were going to discover first. The first thing they saw was the Little Passports suitcase. It is super adorable and thankfully quite sturdy as they all started fighting over who got to open it.

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Inside they found a map, passport stickers and a note from their new friends Sam and Sofia. Sam and Sofia explained that they would be traveling the world on their magic scooter and sending them souvenirs from their expeditions.

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There was also a boarding pass that gave them access to fun games online.


Our first souvenirs from Sam and Sofia were from Brazil. They sent us a photograph (it was a real photograph on photo paper, which I thought was a great touch.) and a piece of amethyst from the amethyst mines they visited in Brazil. We also got another boarding pass to access more online games specific to Brazil.

The souvenirs from Japan the next month were probably the kids favorite, they got a sushi eraser and an origami kit as well as great information about Japan and Japanese culture.

My girls are eagerly awaiting our next country. Little Passports have given them an opportunity to travel the world (in their pajamas). They love learning about new countries and cultures now and actively seek out more information about each country that Sam and Sofia visit. Such a fun way to engage kids in geography lessons.

Little Passports offers 2 subscription products for your little travelers:

The World Edition

Every month, follow our characters Sam and Sofia as they embark on a new country adventure. Your first month’s Explorer Kit arrives in a suitcase and contains everything your child needs to get started: a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, access to online games and more. Country specific packages filled with fun souvenirs, letters, stickers, photos, activity sheets and more arrive every month thereafter.

The USA Edition

Sam and Sofia travel to and experience the wonders of all 50 states. Kick-off your USA adventure with the first month’s Discovery Kit which includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA scratch book, a map, and a camera. Sam and Sofia then travel to two new states every month and send an activity-packed travel journal with stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to online activities.

They offer both of these products with a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription plan. Starting at $10.95 per month.

They also have a great deal to show your teachers that you appreciate them! If you spend $75 or more Little Passports will gift a 3 month subscription to a teacher of your choice. How awesome!! Use Promo code: TEACHERLP and then email when your purchase is complete.

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Little Passports Website
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Where to Buy:

You can buy your Little Passports subscription on their website.

*This review was based on a free subscription to Little Passports however all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy for details.


  1. says

    What a great way for kids to learn geography. I will be recommending this to some of my homeschool pals. Would have loved this when I was teaching my kids geography. About to enter the little passports giveaway.

  2. says

    I think this is a really nice and fun way for kids to explore the USA or different countries. I love that they include tangible objects in the discovery. Too many educational games or activities these days are limited to online and kids do not really appreciate that the world exists outside the computer.

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