Talking Anya iPhone/iPad App Review

Warning! Overwhelming cuteness ahead!

My girls had the chance to review the latest girly app to hit iTunes. Talking Anya & Her Pet Puppies is a new app from Sprite Labs and it has my girls going crazy over it.

Seriously, what can be more girly than dress up and puppies? Meet Anya, an adorable little girl with five even more adorable puppies. Anya loves to blow bubbles, hula hoop, dress up and is very ticklish. Her puppies love to be loved on and can fetch, shake and dance. More than anything, Anya just wants someone to play with her. She loves to blow bubbles for your kiddo to pop, she likes to sing and dance and even pose for a picture or 2 with your child (pretty cool!).

Talking Anya is a free app, although there are features that you will have to pay to unlock, she has a very extensive wardrobe for such a little thing, and you will have to pay to unlock some of her more fancy collections. You also will have to pay a little bit to unlock her puppy friends. We didn’t pay for anything and my girls were thoroughly entertained by this little girl. We were stuck in an awful traffic jam a few days ago and I’m pretty sure that I would have pulled my hair completely out, had it not been for Anya. Usually the girls get bored easily with their apps, not this one, 1 1/2 hours in Atlanta traffic and not a complaint from the back seat.

The app is very easy to navigate and the appeal to little girls in undeniable. If you have little girls in your house, you need this iPhone app. I promise they will love it!

You can download the app here.

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* Disclosure: This post was compensated as part of an Sverve campaign. That said, all opinions are entirely my own. 



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    Awe this looks like such a cute app! A could see why girls young and old would like this. I like that it includes many features that are sure to keep the player entertained for long periods.

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    This is such a fun game. I reviewed this app and asked my daughter to play it. She had fun and she’s already 16! 🙂 She likes it a lot especially when Anya would say “Don’t mess my hair” when you tap on her hair. So cute!

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