Jingle Jars!

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Jingle Jars

Recently Hallmark had a great sale (and I had a coupon!) so I was able to score some adorable ornaments for pretty cheap, at least as far as hallmark ornaments go. They were adorable and I couldn’t resist, the problem is that I have absolutely no room on my tree for any more ornaments. Seriously, ornaments are sitting in each others laps at this point. I just can’t help myself, I get into the Christmas spirit and suddenly I’m all like “BUY ALL THE ORNAMENTS!” fortunately the lack of funds in my bank account kept me from going too crazy. My point here (and yes, I do have one) is that I needed something else to do with the ornaments, other than hang them on my already overstuffed tree. This is when I came up with the idea of Jingle Jars!

When I’m not hoarding ornaments and other Christmas treasures, I can be found hoarding mason jars, so it seemed natural to put the two together to make a cute and easy Christmas gift for friends and family. That is how the Jingle Jar was born. By simply gluing the ornament on the lid of the jar, stuffing it with yummy treats and tying a ribbon on it, I had made a pretty awesome gift.

Wanna know how you can make one too? I was hoping you would ask. Here are the instructions for creating your very own Jingle Jar.


1 ornament (estate sales and day after Christmas sales are the best places to pick up beautiful ornaments for way cheap)

1 mason jar with a plastic lid

Coordinating ribbon


Treats to fill your jar with


Apply the superglue to the bottom of the ornament and let sit for 24 hours. Fill jar with treats and then tie a bow around the top of the jar with your coordinating ribbon. Once the glue has set put the lid on your jar and you are done! Easy, peasy! Now you have an adorable gift for anyone on your list 🙂

Gift Jars 2



  1. says

    These are absolutely adorable! I have an overabundance of Christmas ornaments myself – I blame mine on the fact that I got married at Christmas time and had 2 decorated trees in the church + a decorated evergreen arch at the reception. This seems like a perfect idea for using some of the many ornaments I have.
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  2. Priscilla says

    These are simply marvelous. I am one of those who like to try and start ahead getting my holiday ideas going. so this is definitely at the top of my to do list, it speaks to me saying get started now (I will).

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