Halloween Mystery Boxes

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We had our big homeschool Halloween party this past Monday, I was trying to find fun activities for the kids to do and I remembered mystery boxes when I was a kid. Remember those? You stick your hand in the box and feel gross things like mummy eyeballs ( peeled grapes) and Frankenstein’s brains (cold cooked spaghetti).

I decided to use tissue boxes and some old fabric I scraps I had to make these cute Halloween mystery boxes.

mystery box 1
 First cut the bottom off of your tissue box, this will enable you to just place the box over mystery items.
 Next, line your fabric up so that you have about 1 1/2 inches at the top of the tissue box and 2 inches at the bottom.
mystery box collage 2
 Apply a line of hot glue to the tissue box and glue your fabric to the back of the tissue box.
 Fold the other end of your fabric to make a neat seam. Apply a line of hot glue to the edge of the fabric that is already glued to the box then attach the folded fabric to the tissue box.
mystery box collage 3
 Next cut the corners of the fabric at the bottom of the tissue box.
Fold the fabric into the tissue box and attach with hot glue.
mystery box 4
Do the same to the top of the box.
mystery box 5
 Measure a piece of felt to the size of the top of your box and attach with hot glue all around the top edges.
mystery box 6
 Cut a hole in the center of the box for kids to reach their hands into.
mystery box 7
Last, throw on some decorations and you are done 🙂
mystery box 8
These are all the boxes that I created for our Halloween Mystery Box activity. I put spider legs (pipe cleaners) in the spider one, brains (spaghetti) in Frankenstein, eyeballs (peeled grapes) in the mummy and monster teeth (popcorn kernels) in the pumpkin.
mystery box 9
 The kids loved it and had a blast feeling all the gross stuff inside 🙂


  1. Jen B says

    What a cute idea for a party and those boxes are so cute! I might have to make these for our homeschool party that is coming up!

  2. says

    I love this idea for a kids’ Halloween party! I might ask if I can bring this in to my son’s daycare. They would love it, and it’s really inexpensive!

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