Strange Magic Cookie Bar Recipe and Other Fun Strange Magic Activities!


Disney Strange Magic Cookie Bars. This dessert is the perfect companion recipe for Disney's Strange Magic movie. This would be perfect for a Disney movie night or a kids party.

We are hitting the movies this weekend with the kids to see “Strange Magic”, the newest addition to the Disney movie family. Directed by Gary Rydstrom and produced by none other than George Lucas, Strange Magic is a love story inspired by my favorite Shakespeare play, Midsummer’s Night Dream, making for a wonderful and farcical fairy tale with characters and creatures of all shapes and sizes falling in love with the most unlikely candidates.

The tale of misadventure is sparked by the battle over a powerful potion created from a unique flower. “Primroses grow where shadow meets light,” says director Gary Rydstrom. “In the film, these flowers border the Dark Forest and the Fairy Kingdom—two worlds that are at odds. So primrose petals are the perfect ingredients for a love potion.”

But Bog King, the leader of the Dark Forest, is not a fan of love and has been destroying the flowers to ensure that no love enters his kingdom—or any kingdom for that matter. His position is tested when Marianne, a tough fairy princess who’s also sworn off love, inadvertently challenges everything he believes.

“The point of the film is that everyone deserves to be loved,” says Lucas. “And true love goes much deeper than infatuation or looks. Love happens in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely people.” Rydstrom adds, “George wanted to tell a love story where you saw beauty in something you didn’t expect—it may look ugly on the outside, but there is beauty underneath.”

Sounds like a movie I can’t wait to take my kids to see. In today’s beauty driven society it’s nice to have a film come out that will teach children to look deeper than the surface. Well done Disney!

After you take your family to see this fun family film, you can recreate some of the magic and fun at home with the recipes and activity sheets based off the movie. My family’s favorite recipe was the Strange Magic Cookie Bars. Ooey, gooey and full of kid adored ingredients like Oreos, caramel and pretzels, these cookie bars are sure to have your kids begging for more. They are so easy to make, that you can sit back and let them create the deliciousness all on their own!

Cookie Bars-0067

Here’s the recipe:


Cookie Bars-0061


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    Oh my gosh…these look so delicious I can hardly stand it. I’ve made the regular magic cookie bars a bunch of times–will definitely try your twist. Thanks for sharing!

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