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Star Island Resort in Kissimmee, FL

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Welcome to Star Island Resort

“This is bigger than my first house!!” were the first words out of my mouth as I stood in the doorway speechless at the size of the suite we were going to be staying in for the next 4 days. Not only was it bigger than my first house, it was decorated better than my current house. The deep olives and browns complimented each other perfectly and the whole place was immaculate, yet another welcome change from my house. No toys to pick up, no laundry to do (although we could have, there was a washer and dryer in the suite) no dinner to cook, ahhhhhh this was going to be great.

ย Star Island 1 Star Island 2 Star Island 4

We picked out rooms, unpacked a bit and watched some TV (there were 4 in the suite, yes 4!) while we tried to figure out what we were going to do that night, we hadn’t made any plans, so we were just going to wing it. We checked out what the hotel had going on, and I was impressed with how many activities they had for families. Daily pool parties (in their 2 pools) with a live DJ & a limbo contest, outdoor family movies, mini golf, magic show and so much more. There was also a full service spa/salon and a game room. Awesome! You all know how I feel about resort that you never have to leave to have a good time, that makes this resort one of my favorites in Kissimmee!

Star Island 7 Star Island 9

We had just missed Bingo (bummer, I have mad bingo skills), but it looked like we were just in time for some karaoke! No better way to kick off a moms weekend then with a night of karaoke and BOGO drinks.

Karaoke was located in their outdoor bar, it is complete covered, so even though it was raining we could enjoy the fresh air and breeze. We were able to order a pizza from a local pizza delivery company (they didn’t serve food at the bar) and have it delivered to the couch we were occupying for the night.


We met some great people (including an awesome granny that was sipping mudslides out of a coconut!) and had fun listening to a group of teenagers belt out the entire Frozen soundtrack and some other less than stellar singers in between, it was great lol! Unfortunately we were beat from the drive down and the early morning that we had ahead of us, so we packed it in and headed back to the room, for a night of incredibly restful sleep in our comfy beds.

Star Island 3

The next few days and nights were a whirlwind of activities, but it was always nice to be able to come back to Star Island to put our feet up and order room service from TGIFriday’s after a long day of fun in Kissimmee.

Star Island Resort is one of those great places where you can truly feel like you are on vacation. The rooms are spacious and each come equipped with a kitchen and living area. The amenities and scheduled activities are great, especially if you have teens that want to hang out on their own, while you chill at the pool. There is something for everyone here, we will definitely be bringing our family here and I recommend you do the same ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to Star Island Resort for hosting for hosting us on this fantastic getaway.ย  All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for details.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:
    That looks like an AWESOME place to stay. I would love to take my family there.
  2. It's truly lovely - and it just looks so restful. Perfect for after a busy day of visiting the parks.
  3. This looks so nice! I love suites with plenty of room for all of our family. The kitchen is a plus too! Will be checking this out the next time we go up that way.
  4. lisa jones says:
    Looks Like A Beautiful Place To Stay Great Review & Lots Of Fun Too!
  5. This looks like an amazing place to vacation. For a big family like ours, having all of this in one place is a must!

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